10 Of The Most Popular Wishes For E3

June 16-18 can’t come fast enough, and everyone is already talking about all their expectations, and wishes, for E3 2015. Here’s 10 of the most mentioned online.

  1. Mass Effect 4 has been teased for a while, but E3 could be the time to really announce it, right? No one really knows for sure, but after Mass Effect 3’s ending with the death of Commander Shepard, there’s plenty to be seen with the next game in the series. What angle will they take? Will it be more dialogue oriented, or action?
  2. Somehow fixing the DDOS attack situation on PSN and Xbox Live. December 2014 made gamers cringe, not being able to play their newly opened games. Furthermore, it’s not like it happened once, it happened several times before that as well. Will anything finally be done to prevent the issue, or will players continue to get tormented by Lizard Squad?
  3. Assassin’s Creed: Unity was a buggy mess, so can Assassin’s Creed: Victory be a better experience? It was, by far, one of the most frustrating game launches due to the bugs, glitches, and even framerate, and many gamers are still trying to repress the experience.
  4. Uncharted 4, because it’s been covered extensively already, teasing gamers with new rendering and graphics. Apparently, it’s shaping up to be the best (maybe, just maybe) in the series, and a trailer would be nice to get.
  5. Overall need/want for good, complete games, and less talk about TV and other things consoles can do to entertain humanity. This is actually stressed in several sites, stating how much TV isn’t really that important on a console, which is a fantastic point. Consoles are really meant for gaming. If they can play Netflix, HBO, or Hulu, then it’s a plus. But in reality, it’s all about the games. Putting more games out, and focusing less on TV should be a goal.
  6. New details on Fallout 4. After the recently released trailer, there’s been too much talk of falling short of expectations. For a game that’s been awaited for years, the trailer left many wanting to see something more than just the expected scenery and Dogmeat. While that was technically only a teaser trailer to hold people over until E3 anyway, that didn’t stop countless gamers from taking their comments above and beyond to express their distaste.
  7. Admitting Kinect is done, as harsh as it sounds. After the 360, Kinect sort of took the backseat on, well, just about everything. The Kinect games are the ones no one even talks about anymore, and it’s been obsolete for basically a year or so. Maybe even more. Having that out in the open, on the table, and being able to put closure to it is something many gamers wouldn’t mind hearing Peter Molyneux do.
  8. An official annoucement for Dishonored 2. Unfortunately for everyone, it may or may not already have been leaked by complete accident. A conversation between Youtuber Matty Schroeder and Harvey Smith, the co-director of the first Dishonored, was broadcast over Twitch, and now the surprise might be ruined. It was supposed to be announced today, but that ship may have sailed.
  9. More on Star Wars Battlefront. This is officially one of the most anticipated games for E3, because the gameplay debut left people mouth-watering for more. Perhaps some vehicle combat? A look at the hero characters? Seeing multiplayer in action?
  10. More on the brand new God of War, currently in development. The Playstation Experience let it be known that this was, in fact, a real thing, and now everyone wants to see more. It may be too soon, but a teaser trailer would be welcome, at least.

Well, there you have it, ten of the most common wishes for this year’s E3 all across the web. Check us out later for more E3 coverage.