10 Pro Sports Teams and Their Famous Fans

Here’s our list of 10 pro sports teams famous fans.

On Wednesday, October 15th the Kansas City Royals clinched their first World Series appearance since Reagan was President. Long time Kansas resident and celebrity Paul Rudd attended that game and was interviewed shortly after. Who wouldn’t want to go to a kegger at Paul Rudd’s mom’s house?

Anyway, that got us thinking about other sports teams and the famous people who enjoy rooting for said sports teams. So, we bounced around online and came up with 30 example of famous people who enjoy sports. We mostly stuck with U.S. based sports teams but we did try to add some variety to the celebrities. Unless you’re honestly surprised to find out that Jack Nicholson likes the L.A. Lakers. Because if you are, this whole article would have been a lot easier

10. Drew Carey – Los Angeles Galaxy (Major League Soccer)

Credit: Cyan Banister
Credit: Cyan Banister

The Price Is Right host is well-known for his love of Cleveland sports. In a 2010 interview with the U.S. Men’s National Team’s official website, however, Carey elaborated on how he became a fan of the four-time MLS Cup winning soccer team based out of Los Angeles.

As a Clevelander, I couldn’t root for the Lakers or Dodgers or anyone here in LA so I decided to start watching Galaxy games because I missed going to sporting events and having a local team to root for.

It’s also worth noting that Carey is also a minority owner of the Seattle Sounders FC, so his allegiance to the Galaxy may have waned just a bit since then.

9. CM Punk – Chicago Blackhawks (National Hockey League)

Credit: Rick Foster
Credit: Rick Foster

Winners of five Stanley Cup trophies, the Chicago Blackhawks have no shortage of fans, celebrity or otherwise. After former WWE Champion CM Punk (himself a Chicago native) walked out of the company with no intention of returning, the rare public appearance he would make would usually be at a Blackhawks game. Considering he apparently can’t even take out the trash without being hassled, it would seem it would take a special level of fandom to get him to attend as many games as he does.

8. Charlie Sheen – Cincinnati Reds (Major League Baseball)

Credit: Angela George
Credit: Angela George

While raised in Los Angeles (where he attended Santa Monica High School with Rob Lowe, Sean Penn and Robert Downey, Jr.), “Major League” star Charlie Sheen has a distinct connection to the Cincinnati area – his father, Martin Sheen, was born and raised in Dayton, OH, which is 40 miles North of the Reds’ home city. The younger Sheen is frequently seen in public wearing a Reds cap and has even discussed the team on an appearance on ESPN. In 2012, he donated $50,000 to the team’s community fund.

7. Daniel Radcliffe – New York Giants (National Football League)

Credit: Gage Skidmore
Credit: Gage Skidmore

When you consider how quickly the NFL’s annual game at Wembley Stadium always sells out, it’s not surprising that the star of the upcoming horror flick “Horns”, Daniel Radcliffe, would count himself as a fan. The Fulham, U.K. native became a fan of the New York Giants and, by proxy, the sport of American Football (or just “football”, that’s fine, too. Whatever), while living in New York City during his Broadway run in “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying”. He is also allegedly obsessed with fantasy football and will apparently stab anyone in the eye that makes a “football/Quidditch” joke (we can’t back that last one up, unfortunately).

6. Stephen King – Boston Red Sox (MLB)

Credit: bunkosquad / Michael Femia

Horror icon Stephen King may not wear his sports fandom on his sleeve like other celebrities, but he’s never been shy about it. In 1999, King published “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon”, a novel about a young girl lost in the woods who (spoiler alert for a 15-year-old book) survives thanks to an imaginary version of the legendary former Red Sox pitcher. A more on-the-nose tribute to his favorite team came in the form of his book “Faithful: Two Die Hard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season”, a non-fiction account of his memories of his team winning the World Series for the first time in 86 years. Now, that’s a fan.

5. President Barack Obama – Chicago White Sox (MLB)

President Barack OBama
Credit: Pete Souza

While born in Hawaii (or Kenya, if you’re going to be like that), the 44th President of the United States was calling Chicago home when he began his political career. And, while he’s demonstrated support for teams both in and out of the Windy City (such as the Pittsburgh Steelers), it’s no secret that his loyalty lies with the White Sox when it comes to baseball fandom. He might not have been able to follow the team as closely as he would have liked these last few years or so but we have it on good authority that he has a pretty time-consuming job, so we’ll let it slide.

4. Denis Leary – Green Bay Packers (NFL)

Credit: Adam Freese

Denis Leary is known for a lot of things. His acclaimed FX series “Rescue Me.” His Ford truck commercials. His leather jacket wearing, chain-smoking stand-up comedy persona. His bizarre resemblance to Willem Dafoe, His love of Boston sports teams. What’s not as well-known is his fandom for, of all NFL teams, the Green Bay Packers. According to a 2009 interview with Incontention.com:

“I’m a Packers fan from when I was a kid.  My older brother and I had to share a room, first in the attic, then in the basement.  We fought like f****** cats and dogs.  He was a Patriots fan, so — this was the late-60s — I picked the f****** Packers, because they were the best football team at that time, just to piss him off.  And then I got stuck with that team.  So I’ve been through thick and thin, with the great Packers and the really sucky Packers and then Brett Favre…”

3. Zooey Deschanel – San Francisco Giants (MLB)

Credit: Joe Cereghino
Credit: Joe Cereghino

We love Zooey Deshanel, no matter how ridiculously quirky she may come across as. She was in the best Christmas movie of all time (“Elf”). She made for a wonderful Trillian in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” film. Plus, she’s both super cute and a baseball fan. She can be seen regularly at Giants games and even sung the national anthem during the 2012 World Series. With her team once again clinching a spot in the Series once again this year, she might get the chance to do it again. We’re OK with that.

2. Alyssa Milano – Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)

Alyssa Milano
Credit: Tom Sorensen

Some of our readers may be a bit too young to be familiar with Alyssa Milano. Here’s a fun fact, youngsters: If you’re wondering how Star Lord’s ship in this year’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” got the name “The Milano”, well… now you know. The former “Who’s The Boss” and “Charmed” star is a well-known L.A. Dodgers fanatic. In addition, she not only writes a regular blog for MLB’s official website, but also sells her own line of MLB team apparel for female baseball fans.

1. Bill Murray – Chicago Cubs (MLB)

Credit: Paul Sherwood

Bill Murray is more than an actor or a celebrity. He’s crossed the threshold into “folk hero” territory. Stories of the comedy legend, from clearly made up to absolutely true to that true but highly embellished middle ground, have been circulating online for years. What’s not in question is how much the man loves Chicago sports. Jack Nicholson (L.A. Lakers) and Spike Lee (NY Knicks) may be regular fixtures at their respective teams’ home games, but no other celebrity loves their favorite teams without drawing attention away from said teams like Bill F’in’ Murray.

Rather than ramble on about his numerous appearances at Wrigley Field to either throw out the first pitch, contribute on radio and TV commentary or sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, we simply present this 1988 interview he did with Cub broadcasting legend and beer aficionado Harry Caray:


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