A Guide to Building a Website


There is a lot that goes into building your own website. Before you get started, you should know that a website takes a considerable about of time to maintain and the costs can be burdensome. But, if you really want to start a website, that shouldn’t be problem. In this guide, I’ll take you through the steps to take to build a proper website or blog.

1. Figure out your website’s purpose

Obviously, you need to have an idea of what your website is going to do. Is it just a general blog? Are you going to sell something? Is it a news site?

2. Pick your domain

A domain name is your website’s identity. Odds are good that the domain name you want is already taken, so get creative. Picking a good domain name is crucial to the success of your new website. There are many domain registrars to choose from, but you can click here to search for domain names on GoDaddy.

3. Choosing your platform

Web platforms are essential for anyone looking to start a new site. They allow you to quickly and easily get a site up and running. The platforms that I recommend are WordPress (self-hosted), Ghost, or Blogger. WordPress.org is favorite choice for a web platform; no compettition.

4. Web hosting

Web hosting is no doubt the most expensive step in this list. But it’s a necessary expense. You can find some free hosting, but the hassle and lack of quality make it incredibly impractical. If you don’t know what hosting is or why you need it, read this. Some web hosting companies I recommend are BlueHost or HostGator.

5. Bringing it all together

Once you’ve purchased/acquired all the above, it’s time to tie it all together. If you’re going to buy a domain name and hosting at the same time, I suggest doing it with the same company. Whenever you sign up for a new hosting account, you’re usually given a free domain name or a discounted one. Once your domain name and hosting are taken care of, you can choose your platform. With most hosting, you’re given the option of installing the platform of your choice in just a few clicks.

6. It’s not over

Now that you have your site up and running, the building has just begun. You still need to add content, find a suitable design, make social accounts, submit your site to search engines.

7. The content

It’s advisable to add a coming-soon page or something similar until you have a good amount of quality content. Be sure to make your content unique and interesting. There are millions of websites that have been online longer than yours with content similar to yours. You have to give visitors a reason to come to your website.

8. Community

When you begin an online adventure like building your own website, it’s always a good idea to find other people online in your niche. Not only could they give you advice, but they could also help your site by linking to it if they have a website of their own. Another important thing related to community is having an easy to use comment system. Although it may take awhile before readers start commenting, it’s always good to have the option to comment there.

9. Social media

This an important step for any kind of website. You should have social media accounts devoted to your website. With WordPress, you can link your social media accounts to your blog so that when you publish an article, a link is sent to all your social media accounts. Harnessing the power of social media is a skill that takes a lot of patience and determination to master.

 10. Getting others to help you

This is probably the hardest step. It’s difficult to get someone to help you if you can’t pay them. But if you’re creating a content-based website like a blog or news site, you really need other people to write on your site. It adds diversity to your writings and makes your site look less amateur.

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