Anomaly 1729 Release

Upon releasing on December 30, 2015, Anvil Drop’s Anomaly 1729 has made quite a few people happy on Steam. Getting review ratings of 75 or above, the game has proven to be a very fruitful first-time effort from the team, myself included.

Now, before it sounds bias, let’s study the facts: it was in development for about 2 years, and began as a college project between Creative Director Donald Young and Anvil Drop cofounder, Paul Winegardner. What began as a little robot named Bob, in a military test, evolved into something so much bigger, so much better.

Players control Ano, a robot that becomes sentient one fine day, and realizes he’s in a vast world composed of puzzles, Phiohm. Explore, solve puzzles, platform, and interact with the world itself…

Only, you won’t be entirely alone. Yuler will be around, watching, analyzing, complimenting. Is he good? Is he bad? Is Ano selfish, or wise in the end? It’s up to you to figure it all out!

If you haven’t gotten it already, you definitely should, since Anomaly 1729 isn’t exactly your average game. While giving the air of relaxation, it can also be very difficult.