GDC Indie Spotlight

GDC 2016 had so much to cover, it’s stretched this long. We did, however, save the best for last here at Oatboat, waiting to unleash the top 10 indie games you should play. Just take note, these are lined up in no particular order, since we think all indie games deserve the recognition worthy of the effort and time spent to create them.

Let’s check them out:

  • Nephil’s Fall, by Exordium Games. This platformer allows the player to go in multiple directions, uncover secrets, and collect abilities. Development began in September 2014, with a Kickstarter campaign launch in spring 2015. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, it’s epic. It was Greenlight on Steam just last year, but as of now, there’s no release date pending. For more details, please see their website.

  • World to the West, by Rain Games. This action puzzler takes players back to Teslagrad. Discover a world of corruption, playing as four characters, running through jungles, and tundras. It should be released later this year, and until then, we have our fingers crossed. Check them out!

  • Guns of Icarus, by Muse Games. Ever wanted to get into an epic flying ship battle in a steampunk setting? Your wish has been granted. 2-4 friends can control one ship, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, 16 players can crew 4 airships! Battle for the wasteland, complete objectives, and defend your base, in this PVE setting. Howard Tsao, one of the game’s developers, explained you can be a pilot, gunner, or engineer. Teamwork is the focus, so if you’re the weakest link, don’t feel bad! Your team is there to have your back. The game is available on Steam, with Alliance, the expansion, for pre-order (release date standing by PAX East).

  • Candle, by Daedalic Entertainment. This puzzle game features traps and a high challenge rating. The visual style is what appealed to us the most however, because you don’t see this everyday. The landscapes and characters are hand-made, painted with watercolor. Coming out later this year, you’d be a fool to miss it. For more information, check out their website!

  • Heroes of Skyrealm, by Mechanist Games. This action strategy RPG has everything from towers and traps, to sky pirates in airships. There’s robots, arcane warriors, and more. You can even fortify your own floating island! If you enjoyed Clash of Clans, or Dungeon Hunger, then this is right up your alley. Check it out, it’s coming out middle of this year.

  • Karma, by Auralab Games. This 2D point-n-click is unique in style, and packed on the fun. In a hilarious twist, you have to help Pip understand the balance of good and evil. Oh, and did we mention Pip is a worm? In a surreal world, no less, of course. It should be available later this year, so keep an eye out!

  • Realm: Walk of Soul, by Games Starter. It may look pretty gothic, but don’t be fooled. Not only is the art style pretty amazing, and not often seen, it’s also a trip to play. Play as Iris, who finds herself inside her dreams. Nothing is by chance, and nothing is exactly normal. Help her find her way home in this non-linear adventure. It should be available on Steam later this year!
  • Salt & Sanctuary, by Ska Studios. At first, it seems like an awesome sidescroller, and then it hits you: it’s Dark Souls, if it was a sidescroller! It may sound like a ripoff, so much so that several people at the conference began to call it “Salty Souls,” but it is still exciting to play. The controls are smooth, silky smooth (Dyna & Tillo voice), and the visuals are impactful. Play as the shipwrecked sailor, and find yourself in a terrifying, fog-filled island where the dead aren’t at rest. Available now on PS4!

  • Streets of Rogue, by Matt Dabrowski…Yes, one guy! The best way to describe it, because not only is it pretty much true, but also hilarious is the way it’s put on the site itself: “the world’s only RPG roguelike action stealth shooter brawler co-op megagame”! Not only is it old-school looking, it’s coming to PC ready to take the world of gaming by storm. Check it out!

  • Super Arc Light, by Jon McKellan and Omar Khan, the two man team of No Code. Opting out of a AAA development background, they told us they’ve been working long, crazy hours, so much so, they dream games. However, it’s paying off! This single-button radial shooter is not only difficult, but addicting! Players must defend their base from swarms of enemy attacks in a retro style setting. Minimalistic visuals may misguide you, but the game is actually quite difficult. Basic, raw, and hardcore, we recommend it to anyone who likes a challenge! Available now for iOS and Android.

Well, that’s it, 10 games from GDC 2016 that we loved, and you should check out! We’d like to thank everyone we interviewed, and those we didn’t, and say we wish you all the best of luck on your projects.