Goodbye Mars Hill Church

The popular (but controversial) multi-site church, Mars Hill, is dissolving. Following the recent resignation of founding pastor Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill has decided to call it quits. Announced in an  online post, teaching pastor Dave Bruskas said:

“Rather than remaining a centralized multi-site church with video-led teaching distributed to multiple locations, the best future for each of our existing local churches is for them to become autonomous self-governed entities. This means that each of our locations has an opportunity to become a new church, rooted in the best of what Mars Hill has been in the past, and independently led and run by its own local elder teams.”

“Ultimately, the success of this plan, and the future viability of each of these new local churches rest solely on all of us continuing to be faithful in supporting Jesus’ mission through our attendance and continued giving,”

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Credit: Relevant Magazine