Losing Faith In The Bibliotheca Project

Update: 11/7/16

The project has been completed. You can watch Bibliotheca’s latest video update below. The books will ship “Fall 2016.”

Bibliotheca: Finished from Bibliotheca on Vimeo.

From the start, I loved the idea of Bibliotheca. A Bible without chapter and verse divisions; free of distractions that weren’t present in the early manuscripts. It’s just a great idea.

I thought it was so intriguing that I sent the project $25 to secure a New Testament bibliotheca. Little did I know that I would not see a return on that tiny investment for going on two years now. Even though $25 is small and insignificant, it bothers me that I haven’t got what I was promised yet.

The initial round of fundraising for the Bibliotheca project started in June of 2014. The project was quickly funded far beyond its goal. With so many donations pouring in, you’d think that the project’s creator, Adam Lewis Greene, would be able to produce the simple product quickly. That has not been the case.

It’s now February of 2016 and still, no one has received their Bibliotheca yet. It’s now getting to the point where the whole situation is a bit ridiculous. The original ship date was supposed to be sometime before Christmas of 2014. So obviously, the Bibliotheca team is bad at estimating production times.

Backers of the project have received sporadic update emails from Greene, but nothing more. He’s claimed that he’s searching for just the right paper, or the perfect printing company, but all he’s really saying is he wants more time. If you’re a backer of the project, you shouldn’t be expecting your Bible any time soon.

The last public message from Greene was in December where he posted an update to the Kickstarter page. I haven’t received an email update from him or the project since the end of September. I wonder if the finished product will be worth the wait, it’s hard to imagine that it will be.

The new ship date is “second quarter” 2016. Based on the project’s history, it’s doubtful that they’ll be able to deliver the product by then.

Bibliotheca Kickstarter from Good. Honest. on Vimeo.