Announcement: Oatboat To Attend GDC Next Month


That’s right, readers, Oatboat will be attending this year’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC)!

What Will Be Covered

Yours truly will go interview, mingle, and listen to developers talk about the industry. Everything from new and upcoming games, to tips on starting a career in game development will be covered. There will also be a special segment on indie games, since that is, in fact, one of the many things that GDC covers (it’s sold out too).

When & Where

Coverage will begin on Tuesday, March 15, and extend daily until the end of the conference, on Friday, March 18. If you’ll be attending, don’t be afraid to walk up and talk! Or buy me drinks. OK, maybe not.

This means if you want insider pictures, interviews, videos, and knowledge, keep an eye out for the full GDC coverage right here, on Oatboat!

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