Opinel No 8 Knife

Opinel is a knife company from France. Awhile back, I saw an Opinel pocket knife on Bespoke Post. I instantly knew I wanted one. When I first got the knife, I thought that it didn’t lock open; after further investigation (looking at the manual) I found that it did in fact lock open. Not only does it lock open, but it also locks shut if you so choose. The locking feature on this knife really impressed me because the design is so simple.

The top metal piece that is directly below the blade is the locking mechanism. You turn the lock when the knife is closed to lock it shut (duh) and turn it once it’s open to lock it open. While this is a neat and unique locking mechanism, it’s not the most practical. It takes some effort.

I happen to enjoy the lock on this knife. I like that it’s different, and don’t mind the extra time it takes. But I’m kind of a chill dude, if you don’t have patience for things like that, maybe look at a more modern knife design.

The knife is really pretty. It has a beautiful oak handle that makes it seem like a fine collectors knife.

It’s not just good looking though. It also functions really well. I use it to open things and cut typical items. I’ve never had to sharpen in it in the 4 years that I’ve owned it. And it’s still incredibly sharp. I could shave with it.

Overall, I really like the No 8’s design. Its simple, light, and looks great. The blade comes pretty sharp and ready for normal knife usage. Opinel has a lot more to choose from; go check out their website

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