The death of the video store

Its no secret that video stores are dead. To a lot of people, this is an extremely sad thing. They remember wandering the video store with friends, or alone, looking for the perfect movie to rent. It was a sort of adventure. Not knowing what movie you were going to rent was fun.

Soon though, companies started offering easier ways to get movies. A little company called Netflix started allowing customers to rent movies through the mail with no late fees. Companies like Netflix and Redbox made it much easier and cheaper to get a rental. This was a new, enticing way to get your movie fix.

As more and more people joined Netflix, the company grew and became smarter. No late fees was probably one of Netflix’s best moves. The idea that you could keep a rental for as long as you want was unheard of. In 2007 Netflix began it’s online streaming service. Instead of going anywhere or waiting for something in the mail, you could now instantly watch movies online. For so many people, the Netflix streaming was all they needed to completely switch over to Netflix.

In the end, it was advancements in the movie delivery system that destroyed the video store.



photo credit: JulianBleecker