We’re starting a podcast

Doing media well is no small task. That’s why we launched this “Christian Media Podcast” to help our fellow creatives. We will be discussing all the ways that Church media can be done, and how to do it well.

We have a passion for good media, and so we want to help others learn the skills to create quality content. Whether you’re a confident content creator, or you have lot of questions and are just starting out, we’re here for you. You should subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss anything!

For those of you who follow us closely, you may have noticed that we said something about a podcast a while ago. Yep, we did, but that was a different podcast. That podcast was started in conjunction with Live Loved Ministries, and we’re no longer working on that project. The Christian Media Podcast is something that is solely Oatboat’s. We’re really hoping this podcast will entertain and help creatives all over the globe.

We live in a media age. Everything around us is media, and we’re constantly encountering marketing of some kind. It’s time churches start figuring out how to get media right.

You can listen to the first of many podcast episodes by clicking the “listen now” below!