What Is Ello?


Ello is a new social network that is currently in Beta. It isn’t even open to the public yet and people are already going crazy about it. Some are calling it the anti-facebook social network. That name is fitting considering the features Ello includes.

One notable aspect of Ello is that it’s completely ad-free. Are they going to keep it that way? Probably.  Ello’s main purpose is to be an ad-free social platform. To me Ello is sort of like the Medium of the social networking world. Just like Medium makes reading beautiful content annoyance-free, Ello does the same with social stuff.

Ello's manifesto

Ello is a pretty nice looking site. It’s simple, clean, and beautiful. I’m excited to see where Ello goes. It would  be nice to see an ad-free network compete with Titans like Facebook and Twitter. Although it’s possible for Ello to pull this off the odds are, I’d say, stacked against them.

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