Hackers Leak Playstation Network Customer Data

The hacker group DerpTrolling has released a massive cache of usernames and passwords for Windows Live, 2k Games, and Playstation Network users. According to CNET, the leaks totaled “2,131 PSN users; 1,473 Windows Live users; and 2,000 2K Games users”

This latest hack follows a recent DDoS attack aimed at Blizzard’s servers by the same group.

“We have 800,000 from 2K and 500,000 credit card data. In all of our raids we have a total of around 7 million usernames and passwords,”

Apparently, the purpose of these hacks is to encourage the affected companies (and others) to protect their users’ personal data by upgrading their servers. In these efforts, DerpTrolling is not only making a point to the companies, but is also harming the everyday user. Which is a shame because there are better ways to get a company’s attention, like gaining access to their servers and privately notifying them of the insecurity.