How to rank in Google in 2019


SEO is incredibly important for any website. And the best strategies for it change all the time. So staying on top of your SEO game is crucial for anyone running a website or blog. In this article we’re going to be pretty thorough and list all of the current strategies on how to rank in Google in 2019.

Something you’ve got to understand from the start is that there’s incredible amount of content on the internet already. So breaking through all the noise is not as simple as it may seem at first. But there are strategies that will give you your best bet of getting ranked well in Google.

     1. Learn all of Google’s analytic applications

Google has a couple applications you’ll want to make sure you’re very familiar with. You may have  already heard of Google Analytics and the Search Console. But if not, here’s what they are.

Google analytics – this helps you understand everything about your visitors. What content are they going to, what phrases do they use to get there, and what keeps them there.

Search console – search console replaced “Google Webmasters” or whatever it was called. This allows you to submit sitemaps, identify and fix broken links, and monitor your site from a search perspective.

     2. Optimize your content

Good content goes a long, long way. If you’re making content simply to make content and get views, you’ll probably have a hard time. It’s easier to just design content that people will want. It makes it much easier for you.

You also have to understand that there are ways to lay out your content that is SEO friendly or unfriendly. You should be posting your content with a mind for SEO, but you can always go back and update your content.

     3. Get shared

Still a big impact on Google results is how useful your content is. And useful content gets shared.

Obviously back linking is not as big a deal as it once was, but other sites linking to yours is still important. Having lots of traffic from social, other sites, etc. will help you.

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