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  • The Disastrous Demise of the Social Media Management App, Apphi Post

    The Disastrous Demise of the Social Media Management App, Apphi Post

    Apphi Post is a social media tool that allowed users to schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. What made Apphi pretty unique was its Instagram features. Users could schedule Instagram stories straight from the app and they would auto-post to Instagram at the selected time. This feature is one that isn’t available on […]

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  • iPhone needs a Finder-like application

    iPhone needs a Finder-like application

    iPhones are the best phone out there (sorry faithful android users). But they could still be improved. One thing iPhones do not do smoothly is store and organize files well. Sure, the photos app does great at organizing your pictures and videos, but what about word documents, PDFs, etc.? That’s where it falls short. That’s […]

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  • How to rank in Google in 2019

    How to rank in Google in 2019

    SEO is incredibly important for any website. And the best strategies for it change all the time. So staying on top of your SEO game is crucial for anyone running a website or blog. In this article we’re going to be pretty thorough and list all of the current strategies on how to rank in […]

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  • Change This iPhone Setting Or You May Be Sexually Harassed

    Change This iPhone Setting Or You May Be Sexually Harassed

    AirDrop sexual harassment is now a thing. Strangers sending unwanted pictures, videos, or documents to people they don’t know is becoming more common. If you use an iPhone, you may know what AirDrop is. It’s a really useful default application that allows for the sharing of files super quickly. The technology uses bluetooth + wifi […]

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  • Can You Play Video Games Like ‘Call of Duty’ With Satellite Internet?

    Can You Play Video Games Like ‘Call of Duty’ With Satellite Internet?

    Satellite internet is a necessity for some Americans. Few would ever choose a satellite connection over a wired one; you really only get satellite when DSL or cable isn’t an option where you live. But for those that are about to, or have just got satellite internet, questions start swirling about what you can do with […]

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  • How To Recover Files That You’ve Deleted

    Deleting an important file on accident is literally the worst. Something you needed is suddenly just gone. Thankfully there are ways to recover files that have been accidentally deleted. There are a lot of products out there that claim to recover your data. A lot of them work fine, but you should be careful which […]

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  • Apple Is Losing Its Mind

    Apple has–or is in the process of–losing its mind. People will argue when exactly Apple started heading in the wrong direction. For some, perhaps the downhill part started with the Apple Watch. I’m sure some believe it started much earlier than that. But I’ve just recently come to believe Apple has lost its way. The issues […]

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  • Virtual Reality Blew My Mind

    I needed a new laptop, so I went into my local tech store. The kid helping me was very nice and obviously enthusiastic about technology. As he explained to me the values of various specs, the conversation veered momentarily to VR or virtual reality. Of course I had heard of this, but never experienced even […]

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  • The Government’s Fight With Apple Is A Bigger Deal Than You Think

    Apple is being ordered by the U.S. government to unlock one of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. The company is actually being told to write software that it currently doesn’t have, so that they can create a backdoor and help the government whenever they need them to. The repercussions of this particular instance could be […]

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  • Why Autonomous Vehicles Are Necessary

    When the automobile originally came into production, there was a lot of pushback. “Who needs a car?” people questioned. “A horse can eat grass.” the luddites insisted. “Grass is everywhere. How are you going to put petrol in your automobile?” objectors pointed out with pride. A hundred years later those objections seem silly. With around […]

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  • Big Data, Predictive Analytics And The Future Of User Privacy

    Have you ever noticed that Amazon seems to know you better than your best friend does? Isn’t it amazing that Facebook can connect you with a friend from the past that you haven’t thought about for years? How is this possible? It’s due to predictive analytics. Predictive analytics have become very sophisticated. It’s not only […]

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  • 4 of the Best Cell Phone Monitoring Apps Out There

    The way your stomach drops when you realize you can’t find your phone is a feeling many are familiar with. Because your Android phone does a lot more than making calls for you. It carries access to your social media, your data, possibly your bank account as well. So the stomach drop is rightly justified—there […]

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  • iOS 9: An RSS Reader, Not Much More

    iOS 9 has been talked about all year, and now it’s finally here. From the start, rumors were that this installment of Apple’s mobile operating system wouldn’t be packed with new features. It turns out those early rumors were accurate. For the most part, iOS 9 is just a refined version of iOS 8. However, […]

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  • Finding The Best Internet Option In Rural Areas

    Internet and rural areas have not been the best of friends. In a lot of areas of the U.S. there are no broadband options. Sometimes, there’s not even a wired connection available. In those cases, it can be a real challenge to find an Internet service that works for you. (Update 3/21/17) I suggest you […]

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  • Marshall Unveils Its First Smartphone

    Yes, you read that title right. Marshall, the famous guitar amplifier maker has decided to make its own smartphone. The company has been for sometime venturing further from its primarily musician-focused business model. The company has been selling bluetooth speakers and headphones, which show Marshall’s interest in musical equipment other than amplifiers. Though it should be noted […]

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  • What’s The Best Music Streaming Service?

    Right now is a crazy time to choose a music streaming service. There are so many music-streaming services out there. This list will serve as a comparison between them all. The music-streaming market is quickly getting crowded, so it can be difficult to find the best one. As you may know, Apple is just now joining […]

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