Oatboat has been around since 2013 but hasn’t always had the same mission. My name is Chance, and Oatboat started as my personal blog. From that, I changed it to more of a mainstream, marketable blog. I took after some of my favorite websites at the time and tried to mimic them.

Since gaming was important to me around the time I started Oatboat (2013 – 2016), Oatboat started having more and more posts about gaming. Another huge reason why it was so gaming heavy was that I had some amazing writers helping me build Oatboat (huge shout out and thank you to Jenn Mendez!). However, my interest changed, the writers I had helping me moved on to different projects, and so Oatboat changed.

Nowadays, Oatboat exists to empower and uplift Christians across the globe. Because that’s my only real interest at this point. I want to see people get saved, I want to help people learn about God, and I want to encourage believers. That’s where we’re headed, and I don’t think we’ll be deviating from that mission.

If you’re interested in helping with this project, email me at chance@oatboat.com.