Why encryption matters

These days, privacy is becoming more of a mainstream concern. Most of us with a conscious can agree that indescriminante government surveillance is wrong.

If you’re looking to have more privacy, encryption is a great place to start. In most cases, it’s also an easy process. With iOS 8, encryption is built-in. The next version of Android will also have encryption built-in and set as the default option.

So it’s clear that the big tech companies are starting to care about user privacy in this post-snowden world. And this is a great thing.

Encryption is not about hiding illegal activity. It’s about privacy and privacy is a natural human right. Fear that criminals may use encryption should not keep everyday people from using it.

Besides protecting your privacy, encryption also keeps you safe online. Your credit card numbers, dates that you’re leaving your home for vacation, and other personal info shouldn’t be easily assecible to anyone but you.

So if you haven’t already, start encrypting your data!

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