4 of the Best Cell Phone Monitoring Apps Out There

The way your stomach drops when you realize you can’t find your phone is a feeling many are familiar with. Because your Android phone does a lot more than making calls for you. It carries access to your social media, your data, possibly your bank account as well. So the stomach drop is rightly justified—there is simply too much sensitive information in there for you to not be worried.

Thankfully, there are many ways for damage control once you’ve emptied out the last pocket and are certain that it is nowhere to be found. All you have to do is get hold of one of the following apps that will help you get your device back.

Kaspersky Internet Security

From the makers of the antivirus comes an Internet security program that will serve as an anti-theft app for your Android device. While you have it installed, you can create filters and set degrees of visibility for others on your phone, as well as block calls and text messages. And you can track your stolen device as well. This is done by creating an online account, which not only allows you to locate where it is, but also control your data so the thief cannot access your personal accounts.


Although it is essentially spy software, XNSPY will work wonders in case of a stolen phone. It allows you to more than just track your Android phone via GPS. You can read text messages, emails, social media conversations, view photos and other media on the phone, spy on live calls, and be notified of a change in SIM cards. All of which will prove to be very helpful when you’re trying to get to the thief. Because this app is so dynamic and has so many features, it is probably your best call to getting your phone back.

Where’s My Droid

If your phone is hidden somewhere in the pits of your couch, then this app is your friend. Upon installation, you are told to set a buzz word. You text yourself the buzz word when you’re sure you’ve lost it. Where’s My Droid will hitch your phone volume to the max and make it ring. The good part is that it will do so even if your device was on silent or vibrate.

Bitdefender Anti-Theft

Bitdefender is yet another antivirus that now also works as anti-theft software. When installed in your phone, it allows you to get rid of Trojan horses and other form of viruses and prevent any other app to install without your notice. Moreover, you can track the physical location of your device and wipe out its memory on command if you think someone else has it.

Don’t wait till you’ve lost your phone so think about a good security system. Find out what apps suit your needs best and get going. Whether your phone’s lost under the debris of your purse or you’re sure it has been stolen, with these apps, you can track it back.