'Everything and More' by Citizens
Via YouTube.com / CITIZENS

‘Everything and More’ by Citizens

‘Everything and More’ by Citizens can be interpreted as an expression of the ineffable nature of God’s presence and attributes. The song reflects a journey from trying to confine God within human understanding to embracing His true boundless nature.

The initial lines, “We have tried to make you small / To fit inside these narrow walls,” suggest the human tendency to limit God within our own limited comprehension and preconceived constructs. This is a common struggle in faith, where believers often try to rationalize or contain God within the boundaries of human logic and physical space.

As the lyrics unfold, “But you just keep expanding,” there is an acknowledgment of God’s nature as uncontainable and ever-growing. This mirrors a spiritual journey where the believer moves from a constrained view of God to an acceptance of His boundless and dynamic nature. It’s a realization that God’s essence is not static but an ever-unfolding mystery that cannot be fully comprehended or contained within human parameters.

The chorus of the song is a poetic tribute to the magnificence of God: “Deeper than deep, Brighter than bright, More than our words could ever do to describe, Truer than true, Purer than pure.” These lines resonate with scriptural imagery and language, portraying God’s attributes as surpassing human understanding. It’s a recognition that the language and concepts available to us are inadequate to fully capture the essence of the divine. This part of the song serves as a humble acknowledgment of the limitations of human language in conveying the depth and breadth of God’s nature.

The song then delves into the theme of surrender with the lines, “What a thrill, letting go / To admit what we don’t know.” This signifies a pivotal moment in faith – the transition from a reliance on understanding to a trust in the unknown. It suggests that true faith involves embracing the mystery of God, letting go of the need for certainty, and finding joy in the unknown depths of God’s nature. This surrender is not depicted as a defeat but as an exhilarating release into the boundless love and knowledge of God.

Towards its conclusion, the song acknowledges God’s eternal and infinite nature: “You’re our eternity / Infinite destiny.” This is a powerful affirmation of the Christian belief in an eternal, unending relationship with God. It speaks to the concept of God as the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, and the eternal companion in the journey of faith. It’s a reminder that our relationship with God transcends temporal boundaries and is rooted in an everlasting promise.

In essence, “Everything and More” is not just a song but a spiritual narrative that encapsulates a profound journey in faith. From the initial attempts to confine God within our limited understanding to the eventual embrace of His infinite and ineffable nature, the song mirrors the Christian experience of growing in faith. It beautifully encapsulates the awe, wonder, and humility that come with recognizing the vastness of God’s nature, a theme that is central to the Christian spiritual journey. This song serves as a reminder that faith is not just about understanding but about embracing the mystery and majesty of the divine, which is, indeed, everything and more.

Note: This song is not new, it came out much earlier in 2023, but it has been on repeat in my house through much of the year, so I wanted to share it here with you all. It’s just so good.