The Best Christian Songs Of The Month: March

We’re a little late with this one, but we promised to do this every month, so here it is. Hopefully you enjoy these great Christian songs. If you do like them, send this list to a friend!

Our Greatest Joy – Seeker & Servant

We’ve never mentioned Seeker & Servant on Oatboat before, but they’re definitely worth a listen. Our Greatest Joy probably my favorite song of theirs right now; you can listen to it below.

Here are a couple other songs that I really like from Seeker & Servant (Spotify links): You Alone Forever, In Awe, and Into Your Love, I Go

Resurrected One – Sisterbrother

We featured this group’s music in last month’s list, but they’re so good, we had to share one of their songs again. As we mentioned previously, Sisterbrother is no longer together, so there won’t be any new music from this group, which is really sad considering how amazing their music is.

Nearly all of Sisterbrother’s songs are incredible, but if you want some specific recommendations, check out our list from last month.

All That He Says I Am – Gateway Worship

Typically I don’t share ‘worship’ songs here, but this one is pretty good. You should probably listen to it.

I don’t usually listen to Gateway Worship, and to be honest, this is the only song I’ve added to my Spotify. So please excuse me for not suggesting any other songs of theirs.

Falling Into You – Hillsong Young & Free

This is a good song to end this list with. It’s pretty upbeat and it justs sounds so good.

Falling Into You is from Young & Free’s album, “Youth Revival” which is full of other excellent songs. I could list off some of my favorites, or you could just go listen to the whole album.

Well, that will conclude our list for March. Once again, I apologise for not getting this post up sooner. You can expect April’s list to be published middle of the month.