The Best Unknown Christian Bands (revisited)


Since you guys seemed to like my previous post on the best lesser-known Christian bands, I decided to compile another list. Here’s my second list of the best unknown Christian bands.

Best Unknown Christian Bands

1. The Royal Royal

These guys are a Canadian Christian duo from Ontario, Canada. Their sound is different from most other Christian worship examples but in a good way.

2. Ascend The Hill

This is one of those bands where you’ll probably either love or hate them within a few seconds of listening to them. That being said, I love them.

3. Vous Live

The Vous or Rendezvous, is a conference. So I guess Vous Live is just the worship team for the conference…but they’re pretty good. P.S. If I’m wrong in my description of Vous Live, please accept my apology and correct me in the comments 🙂

4. Bellarive

This is another band with a very unique sound. The vocals are great, the music is well done, and the lyrics are uplifting.

5. The Sing Team

Though the instrumentals are important, the incredibly controlled and clean vocals really make The Sing Team a joy to listen to.

Did I forget to mention a band you like? Let me in the comments.

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