Listen To This Short And Sweet Lesser-known Christian Song


You probably haven’t heard this song even though it’s been out for a few years. It’s called Ache and it’s from a lesser-known (but quickly rising) Christian band called Kings Kaleidoscope.

Ache is off Kings Kaleidoscope’s older album titled Becoming Who We Are. In my opinion, Becoming Who We Are is one of the top Christian albums of all time. Ache is certainly not one of the more popular songs off the album as it’s only a 2-minute song, but the lyrics are sweet and the melody is addictive.

Here are the lyrics.

And I know it’s alright
You are near every night
And always at my side
And always in my mind

In the fear and the fights
In the pain and the plight
There’s no hold on my life
In the dark there is light

When I feel so suppressed
All the things in my chest
And the fear doesn’t rest
Oh You protect

‘Cause You see and You wake
And Your heart doesn’t wait
You’re already there

Yes, I’ve seen You
I’ve seen You

See You again


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