New Format: Best Lesser Known Christian Songs Of The Month

The most successful post of Oatboat’s history is the Best lesser known Christian bands article. It’s just a simple list of some really great Christian bands that not everyone has heard about.

That post’s success led us to create this new format that we’re talking about here. It inspired us to post more on the topic of unknown Christian music, and to do it consistently.

From now on, we’ll release a list of the best lesser known Christian songs every month. The lists will be thoughtful, and only include songs that we actually enjoy.

One thing that we want to incorporate into this new post format is allowing our readers to suggest songs for us to consider. Or, if a band wants us to include their music in one of our posts, we want to make that available.

If you have a song suggestion, you can email the editor at and let us know.

We’re also looking into a way to make it possible for readers to just subscribe to these monthly posts.

Keep a lookout for the first post in this new series! We’re going to start publishing them soon.