Here’s Where We Ask You Guys If You Want To Write For Us

Want to get started with Christian blogging? Or maybe you’ve been blogging and just want to connect with us through writing? Great! You should read this article!

Hey kids! I’m Kevin Sullivan — writer, editor and occasional marketing guy for Oatboat. I’d like to talk to you today about writing for us. Now, prepare yourself because a lot of this is going to sound really familiar.

Oatboat prides itself on being extremely writer-friendly, covering a wide range of topics. A lot of our focus is on faith and culture, but you can find articles and posts on just about anything, really.  It’s not total anarchy or anything — WE DO HAVE STANDARDS! – but we offer a pretty relaxed environment when it comes to what our writers can do and write about.

So, now we’re looking for a few extra hands to add content and we could use your help. And this is the part you knew was coming… *sigh*… we can’t pay anything yet.


So, yes, we can’t pay our writers yet. And while we’re working on changing that, I’m not going to mess you around and tell you it’s “coming soon” if you just “bear with us.”

And I’m not going to give you that stuff about how you can at least “get exposure” and “add to your portfolio” and “get your name out there.” Any site that tells you they have the readership or the resources to “get your name out there” has the readership and the resources to pay you.

So, what can we offer? Glad you asked.

As mentioned above, we’re a pretty loose group around here. We’re looking for people to focus on a few specific topics (mainly faith, culture, and music).

We also have folks on staff who have been doing this for quite some time and have a lot of experience. If you’re new to the whole “writing online” thing, we’re here to offer advice and feedback. You’re welcome to take it or leave it, but it’s there. If you’re looking to write about products or events, we know how to get you in touch with the companies that makes these products and put on these events.

We’re not outright promising you free stuff but, well, a lot of times, free stuff is involved. If you’re willing to put in the effort.

So, if you’re still reading at this point and thinking “I like to write and I appreciate this Kevin Sullivan guy’s honesty and forthrightfulness — even though I’m pretty sure that’s not really a word — so maybe I’ll get in touch with and find out more!” well, one, I’m apparently a mind reader and two, shoot me a message via email at chance [at] Tell us about yourself, why you’d be a good fit and a writing sample of some sort.