Seriously, Who Did Negan Kill In The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale?

It’s been several days since the season 6 finale of the Walking Dead and we’re still trying to figure out who got to feel the business end of lucile. Someone, we can’t confirm who, gets totally destroyed by Negan (a villain that we meet) in the finale in case you haven’t heard.

But just because we can’t confirm who died, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a guess. There are all sorts of theories being floated around trying to explain who actually got bashed over the head with Negan’s custom baseball bat.

Let’s go through the list of the characters that may have met their end.


This is one of my guesses for a few reasons. First of all, Eugene gave Rick his plans for creating a bullet factory and in doing so became a pretty useless character. Second, the way he’s presented at the end of the episode makes it seem as though his story is over. Everyone says goodbye to him, and he feels like he’s finally become a useful person as he drives the RV away as a decoy.

It would make a lot of sense if they killed of Eugene at this point, but the Walking Dead doesn’t always have to make sense, does it?


I think another compelling theory is that Abraham was the one who was killed. There are a lot of reasons why it could have been Abraham; here are a few reasons why it could be him.

There are a few things that could point to Abraham being the one that gets it, though. For one, whoever gets picked by Negan looks up at the him rather than keeping their head down. This could easily be explained as a simple director’s choice of camera angle to make the shot more interesting, but it could be a clue. One other thing that may point to it being Abraham is the fact that Negan says “taking it like a champ!” once he begins beating the person. Assuming he’s not being sarcastic, this one line could strongly point to Abraham.


It would make a lot of (TWD) sense to fake Glenn’s death, bring him back, and then kill him off for real. While it may piss off fans I think this theory is a real possibility.

Another thing going against Glenn is the fact that this scene is where he dies in the comics. Does that mean Glenn has to die at this point? No. But it could be an indicator, especially considering the fact that he

Someone slowed down the audio from the Negan scene and people are saying that they can hear Glenn’s voice say call out to Maggie. They also claim to hear Maggie screaming the loudest which could indicate it is Glenn who dies. Add to all that the fact that the host of the Talking Dead show said he also felt like it was Glenn who died, and there’s a pretty substantial case against Glenn.


At the end of the day, I’m okay with any one of the people lined up getting killed…except for Rosita. If she dies, I’ll be pretty upset.


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