Spotify Comes To PS4 And PS3

Now PlayStation players can log in to their Spotify accounts on their gaming consoles.

PlayStation recently decided to abandon it’s native Music Unlimited app and instead partner with Spotify. This deal between Sony and Spotify is exclusive; so don’t expect to see Spotify on your Xbox One or 360 anytime soon.

The PlayStation version of Spotify is definitely a simplified one. It doesn’t have all the navigation features that an existing Spotify user would expect. So you may have to search a lot to find the music you want. Who doesn’t love searching for things using a gaming controller?

In a statement Sony said:

“With Spotify as the foundation of PlayStation Music, we’ll continue to evolve the service to deliver the best entertainment experience that gamers have come to expect from PlayStation Network.”

It sounds like Sony may be interested in adding other music services sometime in the future. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.