Things I miss most about iPhone


My first smartphone was an iPhone. They’re excellent phones. But recently I made the switch to Android and for the most part, I’m enjoying the switch. My change was partly born out my deep disgust with the way Apple is heading. Most notably, the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Obviously there are some things that I miss about my iPhone and that’s why it’s sitting on my desk waiting for me to change my mind.

1. iTunes

The number one thing I miss most about iPhone is having an iPod in my phone. Google Play music and whatever Windows phone has doesn’t compare to the music app on iPhone. iTunes has become my main music hub, so using a phone that’s integrated with iTunes is a wonderful thing. Google Play is pretty cool and the free online storage is great, but something about Apple’s take on the music app makes me want to use it.

2. Airplay

This may be a dumb one to some of you, but I love Airplay. You won’t see me buying a Chromecast or Nexus anytime soon; Apple TV for life 🙂

3. Beauty 

Something about the unified UI in iOS makes it look better than everything else. Sorry but most Android icons are just straight-up ugly. And some of the default apps are hideous on the inside too; like Messaging or Calendars. With the upcoming release of Android L, hopefully Android won’t be so hideous anymore.

4. iCloud

Google has alternatives to iCloud, but they’re broken up into several services while iCloud is centralized into one. iCloud also works well across devices.

5. Unity

Every app you see on the Appstore has gone through an Apple standards test. This makes for a system that is unified and just works. Even the size and design of app icons are controlled.

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