Album Review: ‘Darling’ By Zerbin

I’m starting a new series of posts where I feature a really great album each week. The albums I’ll feature will not be exclusively brand new albums, but rather ones that I discover and think they’re worth sharing.

This week, I chose Darling which was released last year by the band Zerbin. Below, I’ll list some of my favorite tracks off the album, but first, let me talk a bit about the band.

Although Zerbin is a very unique band, they are comparable to some other bands. In some ways, Zerbin reminds me of Young the Giant, another great band. This comparison will be easily understood if you first listen to Young the Giant, and then listen to Worlds on Fire by Zerbin.

If you don’t see the similarity, it’s ok; we can still be friends. But if you don’t like Zerbin, then we probably can’t be friends. If you’re a normal person, Zerbin’s music will make you happy, possibly break out into dance, and of course, keep listening.

There are quite a few songs off this particular album that I really, really like. Unsurprisingly, there are some that I’m not crazy for. That happens with just about every album I’ve ever come across. But here are my favorites from Darling.


This song is upbeat and is full of lots of interesting sounds and lyrics. In my opinion, it’s defineltey one of the better songs on the album.


There’s probably a reason they chose to name the album after this song. It’s really, really good. The tune will get stuck in your head, and you will be whistling it soon after listening to it.

Kids in the Forest

Another excellent track.

Let Go

“And let this whole thing go”

Worlds on Fire

This is probably my favorite song of theirs. It’s just sooo good. Listen to it, and let me know in the comments what you think about this album.

Have a favorite from Darling that I forgot to include? Which song is it? Let me know in the comments.
[Featured image via Facebook / Zerbin]