Are Dyson Cordless Vacuums Really That Good?

You’ve probably heard about how great Dyson vacuums are in general. But more recently, their cordless vacuums have really taken over the vacuum market. Are they really as good as people say?


Cordless vacuums are incredibly convenient. You no longer have to keep plugging and unplugging your vacuum as you clean your home. This is obviously the main draw of a cordless vacuum. Another great thing about cordless vacuums is how light they are in comparison to the larger, more bulky corded vacuums.


I know I just talked about how convenient cordless vacuums are, but they do have one aspect that isn’t so convenient and that is charging. These vacuums need to be charged frequently. In my experience, cordless Dyson vacuums can generally vacuum an entire small-medium home or apartment without needing to be charged. This changes if you turn your vacuum to max mode (increased power and suction), then you’ve only got a couple minutes of vacuuming before the machine needs to cool down and / or charge. I would say this limitation on the battery is the major drawback on Dyson cordless vacuums.

Worth it?

After owning a Dyson cordless vacuum for a couple years, I have to say that its connivance, small size, and relative power make these vacuums worth the price.

Here’s a link to a Dyson V7, which is similar to the model I bought and love!

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Are Dyson Cordless Vacuums Really That Good?
A Really Good Machine
Though the cordless vacuums do require frequent charging, the convenience they offer and the quality vacuuming they provide is well worth having one extra device to keep charged.
8.5 / 10