E3 In Review

Many gamers and developers sat down to watch E3, and were stunned over and over again by the amazing upcoming games. If you missed it all, do yourself a favor and catch up, because many people are calling it the “best E3 ever.”

But was it?

That’s for everyone to decide on their own. Here’s a list of the top E3 games you should check out before trying to answer the question.

1) Uncharted 4 looked amazing! We all knew they were working on new graphics and animations, but seeing it up close, in an extended demo? Definitely not disappointed.

2) Fallout 4 came out with an amazing presentation at E3, and they’ve clearly spent a lot of time on the game. The witty dialogue had people laughing during the gameplay footage, the customization options are entertaining, to say the least, and V.A.T.S. made an appearance that made everyone cheer. On top of that, they announced an actual Pipboy that will be a part of the collector’s edition of the game, and gave us Fallout Shelter as a way to hold us over.

3) Speaking of Bethesda pretty much taking the stage, they also showed off DOOM footage, which depicted brutal, fast-paced gameplay that had the fans on the edge of their seats. It’s already taking the heat for being so gory, but fans don’t mind! It’s DOOM, it was always gory.

4) Perhaps it was the time period, the difference in style, who knows, but the Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate trailer got the attention of many, many people. If you fell off the wagon around Blackflag, or before, you’ll be back.

5) For those who waited around late the first night, they got to see the first peak at Dark Souls 3, and were glad they did. In the interview, it was confirmed that Anor Londo will make an appearance again, only now…Let’s just say it looks straight out of Bloodborne. Could it be a return to Dark Souls locations, but with a Bloodborne alien plague? Oh H.P. Lovecraft would be so proud.

6) Meanwhile, the Dishonored 2 trailer left people speechless due to the fact that Emily and Corvo are both playable options in the game. Emily, being a leading woman, was considered bold at E3. It’s unfortunate we live in a society like this, that thinks women shouldn’t have lead roles, or that are stunned by the fact that women can have lead roles. Changes must be made, but until then, Dishonored 2 certainly has addressed the issue.

7) Mass Effect Andromeda showed us three things we can’t go without commenting on. First, Mako. Second, Andromeda is an actual galaxy, so we’re exploring a new galaxy in the game. Finally, the fact that players will be exploring hostile wildernesses and seeking resources to aid expansion is made clear, and Johnny Cash singing Ghost Riders in the sky certain helps.

8) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided made an appearance, and the trailer is pure gold. There’s drama, explosions, sneakiness, and more. There’s not much more to say about this one other than we were all too busy watching it to fully pay attention to whatever else was going on at the time.

9) Mirror’s Edge Catalyst got lost in the sea of big, widely-known, anticipated titles. Despite the fanbase, it kind of went under the radar. And yet, the game looks good, and the release date isn’t until most, if not all, of those big games have been released. Smart move. Due to its distinct style, they’ve changed up a lot, but it still pays true homage to the original. It looks fantastic, and it’s not to go unnoticed.

10) Star Wars Battlefront was highly anticipated, and it did not leave players cursing up a storm. The expected rapid Star Wars fire made an appearance, of course, as well as the music, but this time, it looked like so much more than just something you have to like because it’s Star Wars. Not saying every Star Wars game has been liked because it’s been Star Wars. Simply explaining they could give us a pop-up book and we’d still buy it if it was Star Wars. But this game, honestly, looks great. Not just because it’s Star Wars.

Well, there’s the top 10 games people are talking about from E3. Not every game made the list here, but there was much more to be seen at E3, and it’d be a shame to miss them. Check them out, and keep awaiting all the upcoming games!

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