Embracing Spiritual Change: Finding God’s Path Like Saul and Peter

We can’t come to God with hearts like rocks. It’s just not how He operates. We’ve got to be down-to-earth and ready to switch things up in our search for Him. If we don’t budge on changing our hearts, our mindset, or the words we use… well, we’re setting ourselves up for a tough time. This goes for our whole life, not just the faith part.

Look at Saul—before he became Paul. He was out there, making life miserable for Jesus’ followers. You could say his heart was pretty tough against Jesus and His crew. But then Jesus stopped him in his tracks, told him to hit the road and head into the city. Here’s Saul, suddenly blind and in the dark, but instead of getting angry, he listens and obeys. That’s a major heart change right there. He didn’t have to, but he did.

And think about Peter for a second. When Jesus called him out onto the water, Peter didn’t just sit there and question it; he stepped out of the boat. Right into the waves. He walked on water because, in that moment, his heart and mind were all in for God’s plan.

But it doesn’t end there. We all know what happens. Peter starts to sink when he gets scared and doubts the incredible thing that’s happening. He stops resting in God’s power and starts panicking. That’s when he falls into the water.

These stories are clear cut. God isn’t looking for us to stick to our old blueprints, our traditional ways, or our stubborn hearts. That stuff is a roadblock. God is looking for us to be adaptable. It’s like He’s saying, “Trust me, and be willing to let go of the old to make room for the new.” That’s what faith is about—being open to change, because that’s where we grow and that’s how we get closer to Him. It’s about letting go of our control and trusting that God’s got the better plan. So, let’s not be like the unmovable rock, but more like the river—ready to move and change with the path God sets before us.