Feminism in the Trump Era

Feminists all around the country were getting excited at the thought of a female commander and chief. For many, their only requirement for casting a ballot for Hillary was that she’s a woman. Clinton could have said or done practically anything and an army of feminists would have still turned out for her.

Although things didn’t exactly pan out for Hillary, she came closer to winning the White House than any other woman in history. And that’s definitely something the feminist people are going to hang onto; and they should.

While feminists were by no means about to declare “mission accomplished” if Hillary won, it still would have had a huge impact on the movement. But it didn’t happen. So I wonder, did Hillary’s loss cost the feminist movement any sort of momentum?

I thought about that and found the short answer to be no. I don’t think this election harmed the movement in any real way. If anything, it served to empower the feminists, rather than dampen them.

They came so close to signaling to the “patriarchy” that their time of rule has ended. So they’re probably feeling encouraged after the fairly close election.

It’s unclear when the next opportunity for a woman president will come, and from which party. It could be awhile before a woman get’s as close to the White House as Mrs. Clinton, but a woman president is inevitable.