Halo Composer Wins Lawsuit Against Bungie

Award-wining Halo and Destiny composer, Marty O’Donnell has won yet another lawsuit against Bungie. His first lawsuit took place last year, when O’Donnell claimed Bungie withheld unpaid benefits, gave him no explanation for his termination, and deprived him of vacation time, paid time off, etc.

This time, the dispute is over unpaid shares. Apparently, Bungie withheld these shares citing an agreement that O’Donnell would abandon his founders’ shares if he left voluntarily. However, it seems the circumstances don’t fit the agreement, since O’Donnell was never given a reason for his termination last April.

As reported by IGN, the order filed at the Supreme Court in Seattle describes what O’Donnell is entitled to:

“either 192,187.5 shares of vested Bungie common stock, the cash equivalent of 20 percent of O’Donnell’s preferred and common stock valued as of April 11, 2014, or the cash equivalent of 50 percent of vested common stock valued as of July 2, 2014.”

Of course, this brings into question whether it was a simple misunderstanding (twice), or whether something more devious went on behind closed doors. While O’Donnell could simply be fighting for his entitled rights, Bungie could also be victimized. All that is known is what the court ruled, and what O’Donnell is entitled to after winning the lawsuit.

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