Local Natives’ Sunlit Youth Shaping Up To Be An Incredible Record

The Local Natives are–not surprisingly–preparing to release another great album. That is at least if the yet to be released songs off their new record follow the trend of the ones they’ve already dropped. The band has released four songs so far from their upcoming Sunlit Youth album. You can pre-order Sunlit Youth now and get those songs while you wait for the full album, which is expected to drop September 9.

The four songs off the album that have been released early are: “Villany,” “Past Lives”, “Fountain of Youth”, and “Coins.” They are all seriously good and you should definitely listen to them.

The latest release was “Coins.” Do yourself a favor and listen to it:

I think my favorite so far is “Villany” though I’m sure many will disagree with me.

What did you think about that? It’s crazy how many good songs this band has made. You’d think that they’d run out of great songs but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

If the rest of this album is anything like these four songs, I think Local Natives wins album of the year, in my book anyway.

Here are the other two releases from Sunlit Youth.

[Photo via Nan Palmero / Flickr]