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  • Is Modern Day Worship Biblical?

    Is Modern Day Worship Biblical?

    Is modern worship biblical? Over the past year, I’ve really been in a state of questioning. I’ve been thinking hard about the church, worship, and the like. It’s been a pretty confusing experience for me. What makes it more confusing is that while I’ve been having these deep contemplations, I’ve simultaneously been a worship leader […]

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  • Don’t Be A Vulnerable Employee

    Don’t Be A Vulnerable Employee

    I would venture to say that most people who are laid off or fired from their job are blindsided and devasted. There have been studies done on the psychology of leaving a workplace, and experts have concluded it’s similar to the mourning process. Leaving a workplace certainly has repercussions that can have a very real and devastating […]

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  • ‘A Little Bit Of Faith’ by Kings Kaleidoscope

    ‘A Little Bit Of Faith’ by Kings Kaleidoscope

    Kings Kaleidoscope is one of our favorite bands here at Oatboat. They’re just really good. So anytime they release something new, we’re very anxious to hear it. Yesterday was a really good day for us. One of the best days (as far as music release days go) was when the band released their last album […]

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  • Should you work from home?

    Should you work from home?

    Working remotely is becoming a more common thing with each day that goes by. So the question “should I work from home” is also gaining in popularity. With the efficiency and capacity of the internet of today, working from home has fewer drawbacks than ever. But is there anything you should worry about when you’re […]

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  • What does the Bible actually say about cussing?

    What does the Bible actually say about cussing?

    Christians typically try to soften their language and refrain from using swear words. But what does the Bible have to say about it? That’s the question I’m going to try to answer using scripture.  If you’ve ever been told not to cuss by a Christian, they may have quoted Ephesians 4:29 at you. That’s probably […]

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  • 5 Steps to Beating Social Anxiety – overcome social anxiety

    5 Steps to Beating Social Anxiety – overcome social anxiety

    So many people have or have had trouble with social anxiety. It’s uncomfortable. It can make interactions of all kinds uncomfortable. If you’ve got it, I’m here to help you beat it. Here are 5 steps to overcome social anxiety once and for all. 5 steps to overcome social anxiety Social anxiety can be a […]

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  • Is Everything That Happens God’s Will?

    Is Everything That Happens God’s Will?

    Is everything that happens God’s will? Many Christians believe that everything that happens to us in life is God’s will. Every time someone dies or something bad happens, that means that God willed those things to happen. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have […]

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  • How The Heck Do The Local Natives Keep Making Such Great Music?

    If you don’t know who the Local Natives are, shame on you. But for real, you need to listen to these guys if you haven’t already. Their music is fire and you will not be disappointed, unless you’re some kind of freak. Of all the bands I follow, none are quite like the Local Natives. […]

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  • Milos Redemption: Milo Greene’s Latest Single Is Actually Good

    Milo Greene did not impress me with their second album. I honestly hated writing my less-than-supportive review of their sophomore album ‘Control.’ It was so hard because I fell in love with the band after listening to their first album. Their original album was one of those that I probably listened to a little too much. […]

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  • New Release: ‘A Mirror Dimly’ by Citizens & Saints

    I’ve been waiting for this release since spring, and it’s finally here! The new 8-track album from Citizens & Saints is finally out. It’s called A Mirror Dimly (which is a reference to 1 Corinthians 13:12) and is focused on the journey of faith and the struggles associated with it. The album talks a lot about […]

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  • Local Natives’ Sunlit Youth Shaping Up To Be An Incredible Record

    The Local Natives are–not surprisingly–preparing to release another great album. That is at least if the yet to be released songs off their new record follow the trend of the ones they’ve already dropped. The band has released four songs so far from their upcoming Sunlit Youth album. You can pre-order Sunlit Youth now and get those […]

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  • The best lesser-known Christian bands

    The best lesser-known Christian bands

    Some of the best Christian artists aren’t as popular as they should be. The artists on this list are definitely on par with mainstream Christian artists and in my opinion, better. For me, it’s pretty difficult to find good “Christian Music” and my short list below reflects that. Each of the artists I’ve chosen are […]

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