Mixed Reactions Over Fallout 4

It’s been too long of a wait for Fallout 4, but with that, has come some dilemma. Perhaps the long wait has made it so expectations are even higher, because ever since the trailer came out, everyone has been weighing in on both what they think about it, and what they expect from the game itself. Here’s the breakdown.

Upon IGN’s article titled “Fallout 4’s Reveal Trailer May Play It Too Safe,” it’s come to light that several players were left underwhelmed by the trailer. While some are defending it, saying it’s the first trailer, and that there is probably more to come during E3, the comments left under the article speak volumes. Comments calling it a Fallout 3 rehash reigned, along with comments saying nothing about it felt fresh, unique, or outright astonishing.

What is clear is that this is simply a trailer, and no studio worth their weight will give away all the good bits before something as big as E3. As a teaser trailer, it makes sense that there wouldn’t be too much to go on.

Still, opinions flush in every minute, it seems like, and with them come a list of expectations. Things like a better V.A.T.S. System, no loading times, better voice acting, Dogmeat’s return, and more townspeople are among the most commonly wished upon, judging from all the comments left on Fallout 4 related articles. More so, people don’t want too much space and too many NPCs simply standing around, with barely any interesting side-quests.

It seems like the bar has been set very high for Bethesda. Gamers are already arguing over it, and it hasn’t even been shown at E3 yet. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Fallout 3 came out back in 2008, and received nothing but praise from several critics.

Maybe the first 4k screenshot for the game will make it all better?

Judging from all the commotion, where do you stand on the trailer, and what do you expect from Fallout 4?