New Release: ‘A Mirror Dimly’ by Citizens & Saints

I’ve been waiting for this release since spring, and it’s finally here! The new 8-track album from Citizens & Saints is finally out. It’s called A Mirror Dimly (which is a reference to 1 Corinthians 13:12) and is focused on the journey of faith and the struggles associated with it. The album talks a lot about the ups and downs of one’s faith. One line in ‘Day by Day’ (the fifth track) reads:

“I don’t always believe that I’m even a saint”

The song also repeats this line throughout:

“No, I’m not who I was, now I am who I am A sinner saved, a stumbling saint”

Day by Day isn’t an anomaly, either. Many of the songs have a similar theme of faith not being a walk in the park. The lyrics typically will talk about challenges or doubts but always end up referring back to God’s grace and goodness. I think Citizens & Saints really nailed this one. The raw, real lyrics that flood their songs are refreshing. On top of that, the vocals and music are solid as ever. A Mirror Dimly is available on iTunes and streaming platforms like Spotify as of Friday.