The All Sons and Daughters ‘Poets and Saints’ Album With Commentary Is Amazing


There are some albums that I listen to that I just can’t stop listening to. Poets and Saints is one of those albums. And for some reason, I’ve been listening the commentary version where each song is introduced and the story behind it is briefly told. This album came out back in September, but the commentary version just came out last month. The album is so good on its own but the commentary–I think–adds a lot to the album and I definitely prefer it. Here’s one of the songs from the album called My Roving Heart. It’s a fun, upbeat song inspired by John Newton

Another great song, and one with a particularly great introduction, is I Surrender. This one was inspired by Saint Francis. Maybe I’m a weirdo for enjoying the commentary as much as I do, but regardless these are some amazing songs. And they all have versions without the commentary so if you’re not feeling the introductions, look for the regular album. You can buy the album from iTunes here (commentary) or here for the regular version.

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