Star Wars Battlefront Let Me Down. Big Time

I was a rabid supporter of the Battlefront reboot. I thought it was an incredible idea, especially since I freaking loved the original Battlefront games. My friends and I spent countless hours playing the original games.

Another game I happen to be a huge fan of is Battlefield. Most of my Battlefield time was spent in Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 and 4. I learned to love Dice because of how much I appreciated Battlefield.

So, since I loved Battlefront and pretty much every Battlefield, a Battlefront made by Dice sounded like a great idea. But boy was I wrong.

The new Battlefront has not brought back any of the joyous memories I have from playing the originals years ago. On the whole, it was a pretty disappointing game. So I apologise for being such an annoying apologist for the game.

Earlier this year, I published a piece here titled “You should be excited about the new Battlefront,” a post that I know regret. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I really am sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up, but I expected more from Dice.

When I wrote the article, I had a lot of people tell me I was wrong. Some of them talked about how the launch of Battlefield 4 was a disaster. I still don’t see their point though, because after they got the intial shit worked out, Battlefield 4 was an amazing game.

Battlefront didn’t have an initial glitch or problem. Its launch was extremely successful (probably partially due to idiots like me promoting) and launch went without any serious issues.

From what I’ve wrote so far, you’re probably thinking that I totally hate the game, but that’s not the case. The game, for all intents and purposes, is a good one. There really is no glaring flaw in the game itself, except the disconnect from the original games.

The graphics are predictably on point. The special powers the heroes have are a nice touch and make the game much more fun to play.

Obviously times have changed since 2004 and 2005, but I really liked how playable the games were in solo mode. They were just downright fun. There was something about them that made you want to keep playing.

So far, I’ve been unable to rediscover the greatness of the originals in this third major installment.

[Photo by K putt]