Why You Need To Start Posting Evergreen Content On Your Blog

If You’re Not Posting Evergreen Content On Your Blog, You Should Start

Every blogger understands just how important it is to attract visitors to your site on a regular basis. To do that, many suggest posting frequently to keep getting views. While posting often is important, there’s another tactic that’s really useful, it’s called evergreen content.

In SEO, content that never expires–never gets old–is called evergreen content. This type of content is really useful in the long run for webmasters looking to increase the number of pageviews their site generates.

Let’s talk about news sites for a minute. There are all sorts of news blogs popping up every day. If the owners of these news blogs choose to only publish current news, it’s going to be a very tough uphill climb to create even a mildly successful blog. You’ll either need to make your news writing incredibly unique and promote the heck out of it, or suffer through with lame view counts.

News stories are, by their very nature, only useful for a short amount of time after being published. This makes it difficult to attract users because they don’t find your stories in time. The many, many other sites that have better rankings than yours have probably already reported on the subject and so that’s where users will go.

It’s sad to think about, but in this age of the internet, you need to create really special, unique content or you’ll have next to no views. What I’d recommend to anyone in the situation mentioned above is to start producing some evergreen content along with your other content.

All you have to do to start posting evergreen articles is think: “will this be relevant a month, two months, or a year from now?” It’s really pretty easy once you ask yourself that question.

I recommend all publishers start thinking about the long term value of the content that they’re producing.