The New Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Is Insane!

It’s been thirty years since the George Miller directed the last Max Max film, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Since then, he’s directed flicks about talking pigs and dancing penguins. Well, the 70-year old Australian director has returned to his roots with Mad Max: Fury Road. Based on this new trailer, the only thing that could possibly make this movie more insane is, actually, talking pigs and dancing penguins.

We have no idea if, in a year that sees new movies from Star WarsJurassic Park and The Avengers, this movie will get lost in the shuffle. But, a movie that makes this much noise usually draws a lot of attention.

Starring Tom Hardy (as Max), Charlize Theron, Micholas Hoult (Beast from the latest X-Men flicks), former WWE star Nathan Jones and Zoë Kravitz, Fury Road hits theaters May 15th.