Verizon Wireless Secretly Tracks the Sites Customers Visit

If you use Verizon Wireless, they are building a profile for you, secretly that is. They’re tracking every website you visit through their network. And you can’t stop them. Unless of course you switch phone carriers.

This project has apparently been going on for the past two years. Naturally, Verizon didn’t notify its customers of this very creepy program. Verizon uses the tracking data it gets from its customers to build an advertising profile for you based on the sites you visit.

To be fair, websites sort of do a similar thing albeit in a much more limited sense. But as a service provider, it seems unethical to be doing this kind of thing and the potential for abuse is high.

According to a spokeswoman,  customers can opt-out of the company’s Relevant Mobile Advertising program. Then, your information won’t be used for targeted ads. However, there is no way to stop Verizon from tracking you. When you connect to Wi-fi, VPN, or have a SSL connection, Verizon isn’t watching. But jump on your 4g data connection and they’re watching your every move (or click).

Source: Wired