‘A Little Bit Of Faith’ by Kings Kaleidoscope


Kings Kaleidoscope is one of our favorite bands here at Oatboat. They’re just really good. So anytime they release something new, we’re very anxious to hear it. Yesterday was a really good day for us.

One of the best days (as far as music release days go) was when the band released their last album “The Beauty Between”. I haven’t stopped listening to it, and it was released in 2017. One of the songs off that album was really, really special to me. “Safe Retreat” is probably my favorite song of all time. Not just my favorite Kings song.

As of now, you can listen to the song via the YouTube video below. But I just wanted to point out that this isn’t an official upload, so it could be taken down. In any case, we’ll update it once Kings make an official video for it.

Wasn’t that good? We thought so. Below is the band’s Twitter. You should probably show them some love if you loved that song!

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