Do smartphones pose a risk to real cameras?

Ever since “camera phones” were introduced, they’ve gotten better and better. Still, it wasn’t until the smartphone that taking pictures with your phone became a real alternative to point and shoots.

Nowadays, the image quality you can get with your phone is pretty amazing. The question is whether or not smartphones will ever fully replace stand-alone cameras. And I’m not talking about the general public who take selfies and terribly composed photos of their mediocre latte or plate of food. Because for them, the smartphone has already replaced the camera.

For the people who actually appreciate photography, smartphones still have a ways to go. The control and quality you get from a DSLR or better yet, a full-frame DSLR is unmatched by any smartphone that exists today. Or for that matter, will exist anytime soon.

While some camera phones may sport an impressive lens and a sensor with lots of megapixels, they are still lesser than an DSLR. A camera phone truly does limit your ability to get great shots. While the phone tries its best to take the perfect shot, it can’t compete with a photographer that knows how to handle a real camera.

So when I really think about it, the risk smartphones pose to cameras is minimal at the moment. Smartphones are nowhere close to killing DSLRs or expensive point and shoots. And this really shouldn’t be that surprising. We can’t expect something pocket-sized to be better than a full-sized camera. Not to mention that being a camera is not a smartphone’s primary function.