GDC Highlights: 30 Years In Games


Attending the “30 Years of Making Games” session, we immediately felt what we wanted to desperately feel: nostalgia. Sitting in the middle, listening to the excitement of speaking developers as they relived groundbreaking moments in their careers, was a pleasant experience, to say the least. It was the kind of session that made older players and developers remember simpler times.

Much simpler times.


The seminar issue thus far is that some sessions aren’t quite what we were expecting, but this one was very much a personification of what we stand for as an industry. It talked about what we care about most: games. It spoke about the past, and the present, highlighting the fact that if it weren’t for M.U.D. (multi-user dungeon) there would be no Minecraft. 

To be a great game developer, we must learn from the forefathers, and build upon it. Foundation is everything. And the past is golden.


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