How The Heck Do The Local Natives Keep Making Such Great Music?

If you don’t know who the Local Natives are, shame on you. But for real, you need to listen to these guys if you haven’t already. Their music is fire and you will not be disappointed, unless you’re some kind of freak.

Of all the bands I follow, none are quite like the Local Natives. This band refuses to put out shitty music. That’s something I admire, especially after following bands like Milo Greene. Pretty much all the songs on a Local Natives album is good. There are never any songs that I have to skip past.

The Local Natives’ first album was amazing. I still listen to it all the time. Their most popular song from that first album was Wide Eyes. And for good reason; it’s a great song with an interesting story. Wide Eyes may sound like it’s just about nonsense, but it’s actually telling the story of the “Budda Boy”, Ram Bahadur Bomjon, who supposedly went 10 months without food or water. It’s definitely an interesting story, but an even better song; give it a listen!

After their first album, instead of changing their entire sound and doing something stupidly different (wink wink, Milo Greene) they stuck with the sound that made them great. Their second album–Hummingbird–was so good, yet fairly different from their first album, Gorilla Manor.

I’ve probably listened to Hummingbird more than any of their albums but their newest (and third) album, Sunlit Youth, has been replayed on my phone so many times. It’s just ridiculously good. Released last year, Sunlit Youth is really a masterpiece, with each song fitting together so well. If you haven’t listened to their newest record, go fix that right now.

Local Natives recently released a single, which you really need to hear:

In short, Local Natives is a damn good band that seems incapable of producing bad music.