Album Review: Milo Greene’s ‘Control’

The latest album from the Los Angeles-based folk-pop band Milo Greene comes out January 27th. So far, the band has released two songs from the new album for their fans’ listening pleasure, or extreme disappointment. More than likely if you’ve listened to Milo Greene’s older album and enjoyed it, you’ll be disappointed with their latest work. It has taken Milo’s old sound, thrown it out of a third-story window, stopped on it, and lit it on fire. In other words, their new album not only sounds completely different, but it’s also just terrible music.

“White Lies” is one of the four songs the band released early and it isn’t even a terrible song musically. White Lies is fine but it’s not Milo Greene. It’s a completely different sound that will probably make a Milo Greene fan quiver. Their other song from the new album, “On the Fence” is by my definition, a bad song. Musically, it’s just gross and reminds one of 80s tunes.

So, if these two songs are representative of the entire album, Milo fans are going to have to find someone else to fill their hearts and minds with beautiful music, like Milo’s old music did.

Enough of me complaining, give their new songs a listen. You can preview or buy White Lies here: and On the Fence here:

Once you’re done with that, listen to the band’s older music. Listen to their older album here:

The only reason I’m giving Control a D instead of a F is because I haven’t listened to the full album. Once I do, this review will be updated to reflect that. I just want to reiterate how great of a band Milo Greene really is. They’re actually one of my favorite bands; that’s how good I think they are. I don’t know what got into them this time, but hopefully their next album sounds more like their first.

Update (12/15/14): 

Milo Greene has released a fourth song from their upcoming album–Control–titled ‘Parents House’ which you can listen to below.

Update (1/5/15)

The band has released another song from their upcoming album. Listen to ‘Heartless’ below:

Milo Greene has released their album and you can listen to it here. All of my previous judgments about the album still apply. Go listen and decide for yourself.

Many of the reviews on the iTunes Store seem to agree with my judgement. One review titled “Just awful.” reads: “Overproduction and a makeover for the band equals radio friendly garbage. ‘White Lies’ is such a disappointment” Another says: “What the hell happened?…”