Milos Redemption: Milo Greene’s Latest Single Is Actually Good

Milo Greene did not impress me with their second album. I honestly hated writing my less-than-supportive review of their sophomore album ‘Control.’ It was so hard because I fell in love with the band after listening to their first album.

Their original album was one of those that I probably listened to a little too much. And I think I may have put too much pressure on their second album simply because their first was so good. Long story short I was really bummed when I heard Control and I don’t think I appreciated a single song.

A new day has dawned though and the old Milo Greene may be back. In their latest single We Kept the Lights On, there are certainly familiar sounds from their second album, but it’s a whole lot better.

For some reason this latest song reminds me more of their first album than their second, and that’s why I like it.

Listen to it yourself and let me know what you think about it!