Star Wars: Battlefront Rumors Get A Devil’s Advocate

There’s been some negative press over Star Wars: Battlefront recently, and it’s kind of gotten out of hand. Just two days ago, there was an article claiming that EA has been paying celebrities to say they enjoy the game, and Benjamin Burnley, the frontman of Breaking Benjamin, posted some not so nice comments about the game, along with a picture of a broken game disc. Since then, there’s been other articles claiming the same thing. One after the other.

As fellow gamers, and even from a developer standpoint, there is one flaw in these claims that merits some pointing out, so as to inform people, not discredit anyone, or bash, or fuel conflict. It’s just one simple fact that should be pointed out for the benefit of all: these articles all contain the same information, and use the same example. There are no other claims, nor celebrities coming forward accusing EA of the same thing at all.

Now, this is not to disprove what Burnley, or anyone else claims. Nor is it meant to defend EA. This is simply playing devil’s advocate, and letting people know that in order to consider something true, one has to have more evidence, and go straight to the source with inquiries.

For that, is proper journalism.

While we admit, we did not reach out to other celebrities, including Burnley, or the developers in question – EA – we did do some first-hand research, and our verdict is that the game isn’t all that bad, people. While the scores range from somewhat low to average, Battlefront, overall, not a terrible game. It’s actually quite entertaining. However, it is a matter of taste and personal opinion. All that’s being said here, is that it is best to find out for yourself if you enjoy a game, rather than depending on one bias opinion that’s been repeated time and time again.